NuSmile SSC Posterior Kits

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There are 3 Types Of  NuSmile SSC Posterior Crowns Kits

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There is a wealth of value in NuSmile Pre-Contoured SSCs. Made from the same Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel used in high-stress applications like orthopedic implants, NuSmile SSCs are strong, easy to trim, crimp, and corrosion resistant. Our crowns deliver exceptional design at a great price, and clinicians report NuSmile Pre-Contoured SSCs seldom require additional trimming or crimping compared to other brands.

Package Size

NuSmile SSC Evaluation Kit – 24 Crowns, NuSmile SSC Professional Kit – 240 Crowns, NuSmile SSC Starter Kit – 120 Crowns


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