Pain is important to warn our body of danger. While needles are important tools to keep us healthy, shots and sticks shouldn’t have to hurt. Because of the rise of needle fear in children born after 2000, a new diagnosis of cancer, diabetes, or arthritis can be overwhelming.

Buzzy provides natural pain relief by combining two neutral sensations – cold ice wings and a massager’s vibration – to naturally desensitize pain nerves. While it may be a simple device, using Buzzy properly can make the difference between “Oh, this is just a distraction,” to “Best. Decision. Ever.” blocking pain from shots. As a mother of boys with Juvenile Arthritis posted on her excellent blog, it’s important to follow the directions.


Healthcare FASTEST pain relief – works on contact MOST ECONOMICAL

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No One Likes Pain From aches to arthritis to injuries,

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Buzzy® for Kids Pain is important to warn our body

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